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Providing professional entertainers for over 15 years
Singing Telegrams are a great way to surprise someone at home or at work. We've even surprised people on the golf course!
We have lots of characters to choose from, or we can create one to specifically fill your needs.
Our cast of characters include Elvis (our most popular),our re-incarnation of the KING! Our King sings and dances just like the real deal; Shabby, a red-neck security guard who thinks he runs the show; Hottie Belly Mama, a plus size cross-dresser who can make anyone blush ( or gag with laughter ); Brave Phart, an over-obnoxious Scotsman who just can't seem to get his way; Cpt Red Eye, a gnarly old pirate who's been looking for his treasure for centuries; and many more.
Our telegrams come with huge balloon bouquets for that finishing touch.